Micro Detailer MIDINIGHT: Intense Ceramic Car Coating — Intense Value

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MIDNIGHT™ BY MICRO DETAILER — Designed, Engineered and Manufactured for Ease-of-use, High Performance and Extreme Value


MIDNIGHT™ is designed for the educated professional or consumer—a community-supported, high-performance, extreme value, ceramic automotive coating. Proven technology

blended with new technology and combined with almost zero marketing cost, make MIDNIGHT one of the highest-value ceramic car coatings on the market.


  • Proven & New Tech: MIDNIGHT™ uses the proven technology in our Intensity series automotive ceramic coatings and blended with new, high-temperature, hydrophobic resin.
  • Easy to Use: MIDNIGHT™ is a breeze to install. There is no “wait” time to flash. Installation proceeds smoothly from one panel to the next. Plus, if you want to add a second layer, you only have to wait an hour or so. Usually, by the time you finish the first layer, you can start the next layer.
  • Drastic Price Reduction: No Marketing Expense. We have drastically reduced costs by eliminating the extreme cost of marketing. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or even a million dollars in marketing, over the life of the product, and passing that cost directly on to you, we passed on the savings to you and drastically reduced prices up to 50% less than they would otherwise be.
  • Community Supported: Since MIDNIGHT™ will have no marketing expense, to keep costs dramatically down, it is up to you to help keep it alive. If you like MIDNIGHT™, tell your friends, family and colleagues. Talk about it on your social media pages and forums. MIDNIGHT’s success is directly-linked to your involvement and will live and die with it.


MIDNIGHT™ — ceramic paint coating
MIDNIGHT MIST™ — glossy, hydrophobic, ceramic spray coating
MIDNIGHT BOOGIE™ — wipe-on-walk-away hydrophobic, spray coating agent (coming soon!)
MIDNIGHT RINSE™ — glossy, hydrophobic, no-rinse car wash

Micro Detailer Midnight Ceramic Coating Series Introductory Offer

Purchase $69 or more of any MIDNIGHT series ceramic coating products: MIDNIGHT or MIDNIGHT MIST and get ONE (1) of the following products free! Limited Time Only! See coupons codes below.

  1. Ceramic Silk—Aqueous Ceramic Auto Body Coating, or
  2. MD Pro Rinse 4x—Multi-Functional, No Rinse Vehicle Wash, or
  3. MD Suds—High-Performance Car Wash

Coupon Codes:

  1. Get one FREE 15 oz. CERAMIC SILK—AQUEOUS CERAMIC AUTO BODY COATING (SKU: MDCS15) when you make a purchase of $69 or more of any MIDNIGHT series ceramic coating products.
    1. Enter Code: midnight-silk at checkout
  2. Get one FREE 16 oz. PRO RINSE 4X—MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, NO RINSE VEHICLE WASH (SKU: MDPR4X16) when you make a purchase of $69 or more of any MIDNIGHT series ceramic coating products.
    1. Enter Code: midnight-pro-rinse-4x at checkout
  3. Get one FREE 16 oz. MD SUDS—HIGH-PERFORMANCE CAR WASH (SKU: MDSUDS16) when you make a purchase of $69 or more of any MIDNIGHT series ceramic coating products.
    1. Enter Code: midnight-md-suds at checkout