MD Ceramic 240— Easy-to-use, Nano-ceramic Paint Coating (4 oz. Kit)


• Takes as little as 30 minutes to apply—lasts up to two years!
• Treats up to 6 mid-size vehicles (based on experience, vehicle size and if windows, trim and wheels are coated)
• Exceptional protection against UV rays, road grime, bird excrement and acid rain
• Extremely water-repellent—virtually self-cleaning
• Anti-static and repels dust, ice and snow
• Extends life and refreshes water repellency & gloss of existing ceramic coatings
• Use on glass, most plastics, ceramics, painted surfaces, etc.

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Hydrophobic, nanotechnology-based, prosumer-grade automotive paint coating—internationally-tested insuring documented performance

MD Ceramic 240 ™ is an extremely easy-to-use, long lasting, durable, nano ceramic surface coating & ceramic coating booster.
The nano ceramic particles bond at the molecular level, making it as smooth and shiny as glass—and very difficult for anything to adhere to it. One treatment lasts up to 2 years! (on paint, under optimal conditions.) Can be used as often as you like as additional layers increase water repellency, gloss and durability. Refer to included instruction sheet for installation instructions.

MD Ceramic 240 Data and Instruction Sheet

MD Ceramic 240 Data and Instruction Sheet (PDF)

► Forms an exceptionally-strong, three dimensional network of nano-sized glass particles, which fill pores not only on the surface, but below the surface, protecting it for up to 2 years
► Filling capacity of nano glass particles produces a deep, glossy shine and a slick, anti-static, virtually self-cleaning surface
► Resists UV rays, high temperatures, detergents, extreme weather conditions, acids, salts, bugs, static adhesion, light scratches and light wash marring
► Very user-friendly for professional or consumer application—virtual wipe-on, walk-away ease!

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