Micro Detailer MD SUDS—High-performance Car Wash

  • Advanced surface cleaning technology not found in mass-market products
  • High-performance foaming technology—clings to surface, ensures high lubricity
  • Great for touchless, two bucket, or foam cannon washes
  • Rinses clean with no residue—won’t affect performance of costly ceramic coatings
  • Won’t strip waxes, sealants or coatings—protecting your finish
  • Built with high-performance water softeners for hard water areas
  • Removes road grime, road salt and dirt
  • Highly eco-conscious: hyper-concentration greatly reduces packaging material and transportation fuel; made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients
  • Use only 1/2 oz. for every 5 gallons of water
  • Preferred by professionals for performance, safety, environment, value

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MD SUDS—High-performance Car Wash is not your typical, mass-market car wash. Instead of spending time and money on fancy videos, distribution & wholesaler fees, sales & marketing gimmicks, we put all that time and money into advanced cleaning ingredients, which mass-marketers simply cannot afford to use.
MD SUDS Saves You Time, Money and Shelf Space:

  • High-performance cleansers start dissolving grime before you wash, requiring less effort and saving you time
  • Ultra foam allows for:
    • Conventional two-bucket wash
    • Foam gun/cannon wash

MD Suds is pH-neutral, gentle on wax coatings, and safe to use in direct sunlight for a spot-free wash, with proper drying techniques.
The Secret Behind MD Suds:

  • High-performance, advanced cleaning and lubrication technology which releases dirt and grime allowing them to easily and safely be rinsed away for a scratch-free wash
  • Advanced water softeners which actually clean the water of hard water minerals, making cleaning even more effective and helps to reduce the spots these minerals can cause

Safe for Waxes, Sealant and Costly Ceramic Coatings

  • Gentle, yet highly-effective cleaning with less effort, to protect your costly ceramic coating or waxes and sealants
  • Advanced polymers create a highly-lubricious, generous foam which slide and glide over the surface, greatly-reducing abrasion

Directions (two-bucket method)
1. Use two buckets, one for wash solution and one for wash rinse water
2. Add ½ oz. (2 capfuls) of MD Suds to every 5 gallons of water
3. Wash car from top to bottom with a premium chenille microfiber mitt
4. Rinse mitt in rinse bucket, then dip mitt in soapy solution and continue
5. Rinse frequently, from the top down
6. Use a third bucket for wheels and tires
Directions (foam gun/cannon)
1. Fill foam solution bottle with warm water
2. Add 1 oz. of MD Suds to foam solution bottle
3. Set foam ratio meter to produce desired amount of foam
4. For thicker foam, add more MD Suds
1. Wash wheel and tires first, then discard wash water
2. Only wash vehicle when surface is cool
3. Completely dry vehicle to avoid water spots

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