Micro Detailer MD Wheel Resin—Nano SiO2 Wheel Protectant & Coating (4 oz.)


  • Specially-formulated for automotive wheels/rims
  • Helps repel UV rays, grime, water, brake dust, road salt—keeping your wheels looking newer, longer
  • Reduces chances of light abrasions such as wash marring
  • Nano SiO2 particles fill fine scratches to enhance shine
  • Special hydrophobic resin resists high braking temperatures
  • Makes wheels easier to clean & stay cleaner, longer
  • Safe for any shiny wheel finish, including chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel, and more
  • Extremely concentrated: 2 oz. treats up to 50 wheels; 4 oz. treats up to 100 wheels (depending on wheel size and individual usage amount)
  • Applies in minutes—lasts months

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Micro Detailer MD Wheel Resin uses hydrophobic, nano SiO2 and a high-temperature, solvent-resistant resin to add a protective coating over your wheels.
MD Wheel Resin helps prevent corrosion, fouling, brake dust, UV rays and road salt from attacking your wheels, so their shine won’t dull. MD Wheel Resin’s polymers have a high degree of crosslinking, increasing its durability. Special leveling agents make MD Wheel Resin super easy to apply—simply wipe on, wait a few minutes, and buff to high gloss. Nano particles penetrate and fill micro imperfections, creating a flexible, semi-solid substrate, and make any wheel finish look extra glossy, wet, and shiny. The durable nano coating helps repel contaminants, making it easier to clean any dirt during regular cleaning. The special polymers not only help insure a maximum degree of adhesion and resistance to wash off but, they exhibit improved gloss and beading, when compared to traditional wheel sealants and waxes.


(Wait for wheels to cool. Apply ONLY to clean, dry, wax-free surface. Test in an inconspicuous area before applying.)

  1. Clean wheels thoroughly using a quality automotive wash soap, then dry
  2. Apply about 10 drops to a soft, foam applicator pad. Evenly wipe liquid onto rim surface. Add more liquid, as needed to complete wheel
  3. Wait approximately 15 min. or until surface shows little to no smearing when swiping finger across residue
  4. Wipe down residue and buff to a high shine using a clean microfiber towel


  • Wait 3 hours before exposing to water
  • Wait 6 hours before applying second coat
  • Wait 24 hours before washing
  • Fully cures in 24 hours
  • Environmental factors, existing wax/sealant residues & maintenance practices can reduce durability, apply every 12 months or as needed to maintain optimal performance

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2 oz., 4 oz.


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