Micro Detailer Premium Ceramic Coating Suede Microfiber Cloths 3.9 in. x 3.9 in. (12 pack)



  • Premium, smooth, soft, non-abrasive suede microfiber will not scratch paint or other delicate surfaces
  • Designed for applying Micro Detailer premium ceramic paint coatings and other ceramic paint coatings
  • Use with Micro Detailer ceramic coating applicator block or other ceramic applicator blocks
  • Can also be used on other delicate surfaces, such as glasses, computer & cell phone screens
  • 100% split microfiber; edgeless, frayles, 3.9 in. x 3.9 in., 12 pack


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Micro Detailer Premium Ceramic Coating Suede Microfiber Cloths are extremely soft, smooth, sueded, 100% split microfiber.
Precise Coating Application
The premium, 100% split microfiber used in these cloths help apply your ceramic coatings extra thinly, uniformly and precisely. No waist and greatly reduced chances for high-spotting. Wrap one around a Micro Detailer or other ceramic applicator block, add a few drops of coating to cloth, and apply to surface with a crosshatch pattern.
NOTE: DISCARD AFTER USE. Do not reuse these after applying a ceramic coating.
The edge-less, hem-less design keeps the cloth flat and in perfect contact with the surface. Ensures no chance of micro marring from malformed borders.
These premium suede microfiber cloths are ideal for safely cleaning any delicate surfaces. They will not leave any scratches or marks. Use them on navigation screens, interior plastics, TV’s, sunglasses, computer & cell phone screens, mirrors, etc.

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