Micro Detailer Strati Lucidi—Show Car Ceramic-Carnauba Paint Coating System


  • Breakthrough ceramic-Carnauba, two-part paint coating system
  • Densely-packed ceramic base layer & high-performance ceramic-modified nano Carnauba top layer provide more surface coverage, filling even the finest microscopic scratches and maintaining a smooth surface for more shine
  • Durable, show car rich gloss, lasts up 3 years (under optimal conditions when maintained as directed)
  • Melts into paint; no powdery residues
  • Boosted with added gloss enhancers & UV protectors

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Micro Detailer Strati Lucidi TM (Italian: Glossy Layers) is a breakthrough ceramic-Carnauba paint coating system which offers the depth and glow of Carnauba with the durability and water-repellency of ceramics. The special two-part system utilizes a durable ceramic base layer with a glossy, rich ceramic-modified Carnauba top layer. The result? Strati Lucidi produces a real, glowing, Carnauba finish with durable, hydrophobic protection, that can last up to three years (under optimal conditions and regular maintenance.)
► Forms an exceptionally-strong, three dimensional network of nano-sized ceramic particles, which fill pores not only on the surface, but below the surface
► Nano-scale ceramic & Carnauba particles maximize the interfacial material content and contact (filling capacity) to produce a deep, glowing shine and a slick, anti-static, virtually self-cleaning surface
► Resists UV rays, high temperatures, detergents, extreme weather conditions, acids, salts, bugs, static adhesion, light scratches and light wash marring
► Very user-friendly
Kit Includes: One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Strati Lucidi base; One (1) premium foam applicator pad; One (1) 24 oz. Strati Lucidi Spray top
Coverage: One 2 oz. bottle of the base coating can cover up to two mid-large SUVs

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