MICRO DETAILER TAIKYŪ RIM COAT—Maximum Performance Automotive Dual-Layer Ceramic Wheel Coating


  • First dual-layer, automotive rim/wheel ceramic coating
  • Creates and extremely durable, glossy, self-cleaning coating on your wheels—use a strong jet of water or simple soap and water to clean
  • Most hydrophobic wheel coating available
  • Offers years of protection

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Taikyū Rim Coat By Micro Detailer ™ is the most durable, most hydrophobic nano-ceramic wheel coating on the market, today! The unique dual-layer system utilizes an extremely-durable base coat with a super-hydrophobic (1300 water contact angle) top coat, to create the most advanced wheel coating available!
The nano ceramic particles bond deeply into the wheel surface, making it as smooth and shiny as glass—and very difficult for anything to adhere to it—providing extreme protection against brake dust, dirt, tar, road grime and oil, FOR YEARS (can last 3-5 years, under optimal conditions and good maintenance practices)! Use Taikyū Rim Coat on painted, clear coated, polished, chrome, bare aluminum and anodized surfaces.


I. Initial prep

(CAUTION: Use on a cool surface only. Do not use in direct sun, rain or freezing temperatures. Test in an inconspicuous area before applying. Apply ONLY to clean, dry, wax-free surface. If you are applying indoors, use with adequate ventilation. Wear protective gloves.)

  1. Thoroughly clean each wheel with soap and water or a dedicated wheel cleaning solution, making sure to remove all debris, oils, waxes and road grime. To ensure cleanliness, follow washing with an IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe prior to application.
  2. Make sure wheel is completely dry

II. Installation (Apply Base Coat first, wait 1-2 hours, then apply Top Coat)

  1. Wrap the supplied microfiber cloth around the included sponge (or use cloth by itself) and apply a few drops (~1-3 drops per ~2 in2) of the Base Coat to cloth.
  2. Wipe on walk away: uniformly wipe the liquid onto the wheel and let dry. Minimize wiping. Do not wipe down or buff after applying, unless absolutely necessary (see below.) NOTE: over-wiping will smear the coating.
  3. Wait 1-2 hours, then apply the Top Coat, using the same procedure

TIP: If there is obvious unevenness or smearing after applying, wait 1-5 min. (for temp. 70-85 F) or 6-7 min. (for temp. 50-60 F), then lightly buff the coating using a soft microfiber towel, until no streaks are left. Ideally, check that the surface is a bit tacky, giving you a little resistance. This is the best time to buff any smears. Wipe stubborn smears with a lightly-water-dampened microfiber cloth.


2-3 sets of 4 wheels, depending on size and usage amount

What’s Included?

  1. One 15ml bottle Taikyū Rim Coat, Base Coat
  2. One 15ml bottle Taikyū Rim Coat, Top Coat
  3. 8, high-performance, Micro Detailer ultra fine, 4×4 in. microfiber, satin applicator cloths
  4. 1 Micro Detailer flexible wheel coating applicator sponge

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Weight 8 oz


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