Micro Detailer’s Panel Wipe HD—Heavy-duty Oil & Polish Cleaner

• Lubricated—reduces drag, reduces chances of marring
• Water-based, silicone free, body shop safe
• Breaks down and surrounds oils and polish residues and pulls them away from surface, to be safely wiped away

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Most of the time we use a mixture of IPA, or isopropyl alcohol, and water to remove from a panel, polishing oils and residues. This works but, after IPA breaks down these residues, they just sit on the panel and need lots of wiping with a microfiber cloth to soak them up plus the cloth sticks to the surface, requiring more wiping force and increased chances of marring.
MD Panel Wipe HD, breaks down these residues, surrounds them and pulls them away, so they don’t reattach to the surface. This action, coupled with the added lubricants, reduces the amount of wiping and the chances of marring.
Directions (shake before use)
1. Wipe off bulk of polish residue with microfiber towel
2. Spray panel with Panel Wipe-HD
3. Wipe off remaining polish residue with microfiber towel
4. Follow up by wiping with a clean, water-dampened microfiber towel
1. Test on an inconspicuous area first
2. Work in well-ventilated area
3. Eye & skin protection recommended

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24oz, 3-Pack (1 + 2 refills x 24oz), Concentrate—3-Pack (Makes 3 16 oz. RTU bottles)


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