About Us

Micro Detailer™ is a small, family-owned, factory direct provider of premium car care chemicals and supplies. Our products are designed for professional and enthusiast car detailers.

Highly Unconventional

We are unique, because we have:

  • Factory-Direct Prices for Beyond Premium Products
  • No Middlemen
  • No Salespeople
  • No Marketing People
  • No Minimum Pricing Contracts
  • No Hype—Just Pure Performance
  • No High-Cost Retail Shelf Space
  • Word-of-Mouth Advertising
  • A Large Repeat-Buyer Base
  • An Educated Consumer Business Model
  • Possibly the Most Efficient Just-In-Time Manufacturing and Just-In-Time Inventory Processes Allowing for Absolute Minimum Inventory Space—Resulting in Massive Cost Savings


Micro Detailer™ was founded in Oshkosh, WI by a former automotive engineer and a life-long car enthusiast, Mike “Le Mic”, who worked on the design team for a well-known engine manufacturer.