Micro Detailer MIDNIGHT MIST Ceramic Automotive Spray Coating (8 oz.)


  • Offers a slick, glossy, durable ceramic paint coating spray
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Virtually odorless
  • Fast: only takes about 20 minutes to get crazy water beading, gloss and 3-6 months of durability
  • The instant coating works on paint and on existing ceramic coatings
  • The hydrophobic layer offers one of the highest water contact angles available: 120o, which makes your paint virtually self-cleaning
  • Keeps you paint cleaner longer, which reducing the chances of wash marring
  • Use on all painted surfaces, glass, wheels and painted trim
  • Lasts up to 5x longer than car wax

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After more than ten years of building super durable, ultra long lasting ceramic paint coatings, we realized that most weekend warriors had trouble installing these high-performance coatings and wanted something much easier to use. In addition, our pro installers wanted a cost-effective and easy solution for their customers. Enter MIDNIGHT MIST! built from high-performance silicon monomers which polymerize on the surface of your paint. Midnight Mist is an effortless, instant ceramic paint coating. You’ll love the ease of use and instant results. Just spray, wipe on, wait about a minute, wipe off – done!

It takes only about 20 minutes to get crazy water beading, gloss and 3-6 months of durability. I really love using it over bare paint, ceramic coatings and even Carnauba wax, to boost the beading! I especially love that it can make existing ceramic coating even more hydrophobic, with its wild 120o water contact angle.

Midnight Mist:

  • Applied to your vehicle’s paint provides you with a protective layer against UV-rays, chemicals, bird droppings or road salt, and also helps reduce oxidation
  • Is extremely easy and fast to apply
  • Delivers a glossy, hydrophobic finish
  • Replaces conventional waxes and sealants and lasts up to 5X longer than car wax
  • Can be used to extend gloss and water-repellency of ceramic coatings

Super Easy Installation Directions:

  1. Prep: Wash vehicle, rinse thoroughly
  2. Using a fresh microfiber cloth, spread 4 sprays (or more, if needed) on a dry 2′ x 2′ area. After 1-2 min, buff off with a clean microfiber cloth


  • Wait 3 hours before exposing to water
  • Wait 24 hours before washing

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