Micro Detailer MD Foam Boost Premium Foam Booster


  • Super concentrated car soap extreme foam booster
  • Treats up to 50 washes!
  • Increases wash safety with added lubricants and high-performance water softeners
  • Boosts foam for low-foam ceramic car soaps
  • Converts regular car soap or ceramic car soap to high-performance foam gun soap

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For those of us who like to wash our pride & joy every week, we now have a mild, ultra-safe, luxurious, ultra-concentrated car wash foam booster. A small amount of our foam booster increases, stabilizes, and thickens the foam of any car soap, especially the new, ceramic car soaps, which are notoriously low foaming! In addition, MD Foam Boost increases safety with its added lubricants and mild cleaning agents. The advanced water softeners help reduce water spots and help your soap clean better!


  • Add preferred car soap to wash bucket or 32 oz. solution tank of foam gun or cannon
  • Add 1/3 to 1 oz. (1-3 capfuls) of MD Foam Boost
  • Add water and wash as usual

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Weight 24 oz


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